Best Personal Branding Tips to Boost your Career

Best Personal Branding Tips to Boost your Career

There’s a huge difference between doing a JOB and having a CAREER. Yes, you heard that right, JOB and CAREER are not the same things. A Job is something you do to have a monthly income to fulfill your financial needs, to raise your family. But it is not necessary that you will be finding satisfaction while doing it. No surprise, you hear many people say that they don’t have a job satisfaction. A career is something which provides us with that satisfaction, giving us happiness. So what’s there in Career which makes it so complete? It’s ‘PURPOSE’. The purpose is the element which is everything when it comes to a great Career. It provides you with the sense of clarity which is so damn important. Time flies away and we don’t want to be lost. It’s always better to know where exactly we need to go and where we are heading right now.


How to find your Purpose:

Let me tell you how I found it. I completed my Engineering and got a job as a Software Developer at National Informatics Centre. The place was pretty cool to work. Government Projects, Cool Team, Decent Salary, all the necessary elements required for a perfect start were there. But still, I was not feeling that enthusiasm to work. Sitting on a chair for 10 hours every day behind a Screen was not my cup of tea. I always wanted to get into the crowd, learn new things, and share knowledge. So I got my inner calling and I decided to become a Professor. I was totally loving it, going deep through the Engineering subjects and making them easy for my students. Taking energy from and throwing even more towards them. The management team of organization I always worked for believed that I should be taking higher responsibilities and promoted to higher ranks like Training and Placement Officer and Branding Officer. This happened at every organization I worked. I should be thanking my interpersonal skills for that. So, life was even more adventurous now, I was the bridge between the organization and industries. I was focussing on training my students and creating good career opportunities for them. But after few years, I again got this inner calling, I felt why should I focus on just one organization when I can reach out to so many of them and provide them these much-needed services. So I started my own training center and I started having a great great time. I now know the PURPOSE of my Life. I know why exactly I get out of my bed every morning. It is for the love of training, communicating, inspiring, and educating people to do their best in their Careers and their work. I want people to have great careers. I want people to have great experiences. I want people to be very successful. So I came up with my own Personal Branding Statement. It says – “To inspire and to educate people at their careers or their businesses to be successful by applying digital marketing strategies and personal branding techniques.” So this is my journey of discovering my Purpose.

So if you want to discover yours, I want you to answer these questions:

  1. Why you do what you do?
  2. Why do you wake up?
  3. What is your definition of a great day?
  4. If you feel that your answers do not align with your current job, then why don’t you do something else?

Finding answers to these questions will help you to find your Purpose. And your purpose will give you much-needed Clarity to move forward in your Career.


To make people see you as an interesting person, you need to have a story.  In my workshops and training programs, I ask people about their stories and many people just look completely blank. I want to tell you here everybody has a story. I have a story, you have a story, and we all have a story. And these stories are very cool.

So let me tell you how you can form your story. You must have had some good or bad educational experiences. You must have loved some of the things and hated other things. Just write down the things you loved. Now ask yourself this bunch of questions.

  1. How did you find your first job? Either you must have taken it by force or by choice.
  2. If you took it by choice then you must have been very clear about of Niche, so how did you find that?
  3. If you took your first job by force, then when did you discover your Niche?
  4. When you switched between Profiles or organizations how your experiences were?
  5. What did you like and what were the challenges?
  6. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

We all have answers to these questions, and when you sum up all the answers to these questions. You form a Story,  not just a story, but an Interesting Story. Go ahead, write it down and now tell it to the world.

But how would you say it? And to whom would you say it? Well, you have to do it on your Personal Website or maybe on LinkedIn or maybe on Quora or maybe on Facebook Page or maybe everywhere. Go do it!


A purpose gives us a great sense of Clarity which leads to a great Story. But the story you just wrote is textual. Let people see how it looks like. So your profile pictures should be very professional and should be a reflection of what you do. So make sure your Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, and all social sites have Professional Pictures which align with the story you just told. Don’t forget when you are in a bookstore, you pick a book by looking at its cover.


It would be unfortunate for someone with a Purposeful Career, great story and supercool pictures not be socially active. This is the high time to show your Passion to the world, only them one can take a competitive advantage. So go get yourself on your Personal Website, write your story in ‘About Me’ section, and make people download your resume, write about your projects, and post your pictures in galleries. Go build your LinkedIn profile, write your story in the description, write about your Skills, endorse them, ask people for recommendations, write about your work experiences, your certifications. Go write your story wherever you believe your target audience is. Get found to get big opportunities in Life.

So these were my Top 4 tips for you to boost your Career. I have a full list of these and if you would like to do it with me. Then I have a good news for you, I keep on doing many Personal Branding Workshops. Register yourself today. Click the link to register for this workshop: Register for Workshop

Personal Branding and Digital Marketing Training Workshop to Boost your Career - Sushant Kokate

Here’s the full list of things that we would be doing in this workshop.

  1. Importance of Personal Branding
  2. Today’s Career Shift
  3. Importance of Job Satisfaction
  4. Defining your Identity
  5. Basic Elements of Personal Branding
  6. Checking your Market Position
  7. Fighting your Fears
  8. Building your Story
  9. Building your Voice
  10. Building your Packaging
  11. Creating your Personal Branding Statement
  12. Self-Marketing Strategies
  13. Standing out as a Brand
  14. Controlling how people see You
  15. Using your Brand to create opportunities for You
  16. Building your Credibility
  17. Gaining Followers
  18. Increasing your Visibility
  19. Finding your USP
  20. Measuring your Success
  21. Researching your Target Audience
  22. Making your Target Audience to come to You
  23. Developing your Message
  24. Using Social Media to the Best
  25. How to make yourself Special
  26. Tracking your Competition
  27. Differentiating yourself from your Competitors
  28. Online and Offline Tips, Tools and Techniques for getting your Personal Brand into the World
  29. Drafting a solid action plan to realize your goals
  30. 5 Top Case Studies

Click the link to register for this workshop: Register for Workshop

Workshop details:

  • 9th June 2018, Saturday (4 pm to 8 pm) – Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing, Pune Satara Road Branch
  • 10th June 2018, Saturday (9 am to 1 pm) – Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing, Magarpatta Branch

Fees – Rs. 2000

You can also watch my Video on ‘Personal Branding Tips’

This post is written by: Sushant Kokate

How to become Blogging Rockstar

This post provides you with all the necessary information before starting a blog or before redesigning it. If done correctly, it starts behaving like an SEO tool and provides value to Personal Branding. Blogging is important to everybody. Students or Freshers can make use of it to get their Dream Job, Working Professionals can use blogging to generate Passive Income out of it, making use of their experience and knowledge, It can also be done by Entrepreneurs to do their product awareness to the target audience which can further generate better leads and give good conversions.

The investment required in terms of Money and Time is way too less as compared to what it used to be in the past. Blogging has to be done by keeping a Niche in the mind, the multi Niche blogs have bad SEO, reader base and Monetizing scope. So to start it brilliantly, it is important that you find your Niche at first. Once you find your Niche, you can research all the possible topics and start creating content on a suitable blogging platform.

All the necessary details are specified in this video by Sushant Kokate who is a Former Secretary at Western Maharashtra Placement Consortium and Trainer at Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps organized by several technical and management institutes in association with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. He is also the founder of Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing which provides Certification training in Digital Marketing and Personal Branding.


It’s not far way – Motivational Poetry

‘It’s not far away’ is a Poetry of Hope and Determination by Sushant Kokate. All the Heroes and Achievers that we know have once started with what we have, ‘Nothing’. They all acquired an ingenious skill through a lot of Determination and reached the heights where we see them today. We too can reach there through Uncompromising will and Passion.

Reinvent the ENTREPRENEUR within – Chapter 1

Normally, if we ask anybody to define an Entrepreneur, this is what they say, “it’s a person who creates a business, works all the time, takes huge risks, becomes rich sometimes, goes broke most of the time.” And this is what scares many ambitious kids out there who end up taking some secure job and never work on their dream idea.

The biggest Misunderstanding

People believe Entrepreneurship and Technology are the same things and this misunderstanding kills millions of dreams every year. It’s a myth. People fear Entrepreneurship because they believe they cannot develop a Technology. According to a survey, only 2% economy comes out of technology, whereas 98% economy comes out of the application of the technology. Can you see the difference? So clearly, Technology is just the part of the Entrepreneurial journey, it’s just a small part, that’s it.

So what exactly is the Entrepreneurship then? Well, let me explain you with some examples. In Maharashtra, there is a very popular snack called as Wada-Pav, made from Potatoes and Bread, the stall selling this snack earns few thousand rupees every month. And then we have McDonald’s, who uses almost the same stuff to make their products but earn Millions every month. It’s possible for them because of the standardization and some innovation they brought in. Let me take another example, we have a kiranawala near our home who sells products looking at their MRP, earns few thousand rupees every month and then we have DMart or Big Bazaar who work very innovatively on supply chain by eliminating unnecessary steps ending up giving customers some discount and then make millions every month. Do you want more? Think about what Netflix or Amazon Prime did to TV, think what UBER/OLA did to traditional public transports. See in all the examples I mentioned, INNOVATION is the prime focus and definitely not the TECHNOLOGY. Here Innovation is the driver and Technology is just a component. So, don’t fall prey to this myth and enjoy Innovation, you can definitely get hold of Technology in the process.

Redefining Entrepreneurship

It is surely about identifying problems around you, and instead of complaining about them, it is about asking what can be the solution, how can this be fixed or changed or made better with Innovation as a tool.

Endless Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

We all are aware how hard are people finding to get good jobs but have you ever wondered why it is so difficult now? Well, let me explain, because of automation in almost every industry the manpower required is drastically reduced and so many old jobs now do not exist. Let’s take an example of Google, it has made life so damn easy but in the process killed several old traditional jobs in Advertising Agencies and many other areas, but on the other hand, it has also lowered the cost of starting your own business, and we have failed to notice this. If Entrepreneurs take benefit of this and start a new business and employ hundreds of workers later, the employability problem can surely be under control.

Entrepreneurship Vs Business

This is no new fact that 90 % startups fail every year and this fact is really scary. It’s really important for one to understand that Business Mindset and Entrepreneurship Mindset are two different things. And to succeed at your Dream project, one must start an Entrepreneurial venture and not a business. Let me explain you the difference with a case study. Here at my beautiful hometown Pune, we people are crazy about Tea, I’m sure everybody in India is, but here we are way too much. And Yewale Amruttulya in Pune is highly responsible for this craziness. This tea stall makes a business of whopping 12 lakh rupees a month. 12 lakhs, you heard that right. The Franchisee requests are coming all the way from New York and Dubai, yes you heard that right again. Now let me tell you the story of this tea stall and explain you my point with reference to it.

Yewale Amruttulya was started by Mr. Nilesh Yewale’s father who used to sell milk and make a tea of the remaining milk. He was doing fine. After the death of his father, the business was taken over by his sons and then came the Entrepreneurial revolution to this business. Nilesh did all the necessary research and found out that people are moving away from tea because of the acidity problem they face, so here is the trick, they at his tea stall first boil the milk then cool it and then make tea from it. Even the boiling duration is fixed, it’s 7 minutes. Now, that’s standardization. And it is followed at all his branches. He also researched and came to the conclusion that people do not get a good feeling for the tea when the color gets dark (black) so they use Sulphurless sugar at their place. Now, that’s innovation. They never sell any snack or biscuit with their tea because they want people to taste only the tea and talk about it. Now, that’s sticking to the Niche. Mr. Nilesh is now planning to have a tea stall in every 3 km in Pune, now that’s upscaling. All the hard work and all the hustle is now paying off, no wonder investors from all across the world want him. So I hope you got my point when somebody just because he has the money and gets a random shop and starts a tea stall is running a business and what is Mr. Nilesh Yewale is doing is Entrepreneurship.

So, this ends my chapter 1 of this Entrepreneurship series, in the upcoming chapters I’ll talk about Common Fears in Entrepreneurship, Finding the theme for your Business, How to generate ideas, skills required for Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, Creating your Business Plan, Preparing your Sales Pitch, and many more things. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you get notified of my next chapters.
This post is written by Sushant Kokate

It’s not far away

I set my mind today,
as I sense, It’s not far away!

I see my Heroes being Victorious, Courageous, and Smart,
but I have exactly the same what they had at their start.

They kept doing what excited them,
and stopped caring for what made them drained.

So, here I commit to an uncompromising will,
and mastering day and night, an ingenious skill.

Against all the odds, they made it through,
here I’ve more resources, and it’s damn true.

Why so many excuses and why to wait for the right time,
when every morning, the Sun similarly shines.

Life is not eternal, it will come to an end some day,
So, now I take a stand to make it the truly Great.

Dreams evolve from the soul within,
but they come true only through the will to win.

And I set my mind today,
as I sense, It’s not far away!

This poetry is written by : Sushant Kokate

Let your Sparks fly in the dark Sky

jaksh motivational blog  It’s darkness all around. People meet each other and ask “How are you?”. The responses are so negative, “I’m tired”, “Don’t ask!”, the responses that sound better say “Fine!”. And eventually, the negative energy is being transferred from one to another. What’s wrong with these big bunch of people. Are you happy with them? Or you yourself are one of them? We need the ones who would light up the room when they walk in. Their sparks fly high in the dark sky. Let’s be them!


jaksh motivational blogYour complaints are never working in your favor, they are rather going against you. Nobody on this earth is really interested in your problems, in fact, when you express them, nobody’s really listening to them with full attention. You are simply replaying your pain and feeling it again and again. You had an opportunity to divert yourself from it and take some constructive actions to make the situation better and feel good, but you chose to sit and feel your pain again and again and again. So stop complaining, it’s fetching you NOTHING. Complaining is a terrible waste of time and energy. Never forget that the things which hurt, INSTRUCT. So make this bad situation as an opportunity to start again and create something great out of it. Bad situations are not so Bad. They encourage us to make changes and take actions. They open new doors.  You certainly might have met a person who failed at school or college and went to make a great career or someone who lost his job and then went on to start a successful business.  So turn on your problems into opportunities.


jaksh motivational blogYes, you’ve got some problems but now when you are going to deal it more maturely and positively, you have to take a stand, you might also need to take a step backward in order to change your direction and head towards Greatness. People are ready to criticize and disapprove your decisions but don’t give up. You and only you know your fight. Keep fighting that one more round because you’re a ‘Champion’. When things go tough, you fight one more round. Success is not going to happen overnight, it’s going to take some time. Just hang in there. You can’t do fifty crunches one evening and expect six packs on the next morning. There’s something about these achievers, they commit and they stick to it and then they prove that they are worth thousands of people who only had the interest in that similar goal. Nobody really knows, how long it’s going to take and how many obstacles are going to come,  just let them come. You keep fighting that extra round.


jaksh motivational blogThoughts create words, words make beliefs, Beliefs reflect in Actions, Actions give the result. If your thoughts are negative, you are obviously going to speak negative, there won’t be a strong belief, weaker belief forces you for half-hearted approach and then it’s not going to give you any good results. So think POSITIVE and speak Positive to yourself. Keep telling Yourself to take one step at a time and to stay patient because it takes time. Keep checking with yourself about the commitment because the world is ready for some resistance and you do not want it to affect to your journey. You don’t have to know how exactly the goal needs to be achieved, but trust me, you’ll be better with every single step, it’s not necessary that you should be knowing everything in advance.


jaksh motivational blogRemember, Life is short. You’ve made your tragedy as an opportunity to start again. You’ve made an effort to build your self-esteem. Now you don’t want to give up at any cost. YOU REFUSE TO QUIT. You’ve just launched yourself and you’re never going to stop. Your Sparks are Flying High in the dark sky, Just don’t quit. And now when people ask you, “How are You?”, Reply with a smile, “I’m GREAT!”.

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate

A Place called ‘HAPPINESS’

pexels-photo-9816-large“God, Life is so cruel, hard bitch !” said 90% of the people after feeling stressed at the end of their day. These people have faced lots of destructive criticism from their abusive bosses and irritating colleagues. This stress is making them really weak and hopeless. What about the other 10%? Did I tell you that they too are stressed? Yes they are, this stress is called as Eustress and they got this in the process of pushing themselves in order to exceed their limits and in taking the risks that help them expand their spheres. Even the dictionary defines it so amazingly, it says “Eustress means beneficial stress, Eu means good”. Well, these Eustressed people too said something after returning home, they said “What a Wonderful World!”

photo-1440660405495-b26acc5309a2So, what’s the secret of these 10% people? I guess, they are on a mission, “Less Proving, MORE LIVING“. Why do they Prove Less? Because they are in Love with something and that tells them who they are and so they bloody don’t care what the world says about them. They trust themselves and are busy creating the kind of self that they will be happy to live with all their Lives. Want to know where they live? They live in a place called HAPPINESS.


rucola-young-argula-sproutusDECIDE what you want in Life. If you’ve failed at something, never mind. Start again. What do a farmer do if a crop isn’t growing, he doesn’t waste water and fertilizer, neither he stops farming after the disappointment. He just yanks it out and plants a whole new kind of crop.

BELIEVE, June is the new January. Don’t wait for January 1, 2017, to make a move. Find your Inspiration, that what has been Pulling you, FOLLOW THE PULL. As long as you feel inspired, your Life is being well spent. Heal the Confusion, Don’t plan the hard goals, just focus on the necessary goals. Remember, there are Dreams & then there are Core Desired Dreams. Stop trying for those ‘just dreams’. NO STRIVING!  You want to be whole, you got to make some space.

pexels-photo-largeACT, There’s no difference between a Pessimist who says, “It’s of no use, just don’t bother to doing anything” and an optimist who says, “Don’t bother doing anything, everything’s going to be fine”.  In both cases, nothing’s going to happen. So, stop over thinking and stop over planning, just start working. Don’t bother fixing your weaknesses, just Emphasize on your Strengths. Decide to go full on and be one of those people who pull it off.

legs-window-car-dirt-road-51397NEVER STOP, and stay focused. Know the root cause of your Dream, why you want it so badly. Feel your Hunger every now and then and keep searching for the road that takes you there. What guides your ship is your true intention to make it to this place. Choose a journey that would feel good to travel.  After all, you know it, You belong to this place called, ‘HAPPINESS’.happy

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate

Do it with your PASSION or not at all

pexels-photo (1)Imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed and through the window, you see the darkness creeping in slowly. The sun has already set. Suddenly you see a group of people standing around your bed. These are not strangers, you have met them before. These people are actually your versions at a certain stage of your Life. There is a 10 years old kid holding a bat, 20 years old-young boy with a guitar, 30 years old man with a mic, must be something to do with a stage show he always wanted to do, there’s a 40 years old man holding some bunch of handwritten papers, looks like some script of his unpublished book and an elderly person of 50 years old holding some tickets of few religious places he wanted to visit. These people look very upset and angry, they are in tears. They are here to complain you about their unfulfilled dream or passion. They hold you alone responsible for their shattered dreams and unsatisfying Life they had.

How does it feel guys? Scary, isn’t it? Cheer up! You’re not on your death-bed right now. But you have to do something for yourself, because in the end, you don’t want any ghosts gathering around you. And even if they gather, you want them to Smile at you and say “THANK YOU for the Wonderful Life”. What defines a Wonderful Life? For me, it’s simple, following your Passion and Living it.the countdown  There’s a Genius in all of us with some special kind of stuff or skill. This Genius do not want us to play small and settle for the Life which is less than what we are capable of. This Genius wants us to be ahead of our Game. Listen to this Genius, don’t ignore him. Nobody knows you better than him. He wants You to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION AND BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

This tale of Passion might get you Started just like it did to me.

The world forever has been believing that the recipe of Success is all about having huge money, top qualifications, and an absolutely risk-free environment. So, the government and war department brought up these things together to create the world’s first Airplane. the countdownAmerican Astronomer and Physicist, Samuel Pierpont Langley from Harvard was appointed for the project with equally qualified people in the team with a funding of 50,000 dollars. Remember, the true story is from the early nineteenth century, so it’s actually a lot of money. Nobody at that time knew enough about Aerodynamics, so a flying machine was hard to believe and the world was following this team who was set to create magic on earth. So, here we have a dream team with an entire recipe for Success in one of the biggest inventions.

MTI5OTYzNDY4NjcyNTI4MzU0Meanwhile somewhere, there were Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright. These brothers who once got a simple gift from their father when they were kids inspired them to change the history. It was simply a toy helicopter made of cork, bamboo, and paper, and powered by a rubber band. They were so involved in the toy that they often use to create new versions of it. They were grownups now with their incredible passion towards this Flying machine. They too were set to create the world’s first Airplane. These brothers had no money, no funding and were chasing their passion through the earnings of their bicycle shop. Their team had no graduates, even they themselves had no college degree. They never believed in the recipe of success defined by the world, all they had was their PASSION. They kept on experimenting, made large Kites, so large that they can carry a person, the person was actually getting a ride of almost 10 seconds. The engines they wanted to fit in their gliders were very big and they were not happy with these available engines from the market and thus decided to create their own engine with a light weight and reduced size. It was 14th December 1903 when Wilbur made his first experiment but could not keep the flight for longer in the air and ended in a crash. They finished repairing and were all set again. The funny part was that they usually do a toss to decide who is going to fly. The coin was flipped and it was Orville’s turn this time. It was on 17th December 1903, the Wright brothers had a machine to fly. In 1908, Wilbur flew one of their planes in front of royalty in Europe. In the same year, the rest of America discovered the airplane when a newspaper reporter witnessed a flight and wrote about it. Wright brothers were now everywhere. They had failed over and over again but what kept them going until they fly was their PASSION to fly.count down

Langley, however with full of resources was always ahead of Wrights but could never launch one successfully. Maybe he was not passionate enough, it’s tough to say but once Wright brothers took off he just gave up, he never thought of redesigning it, or upgrading their model.

the countdown (2)I don’t know what exactly is running through your mind at this moment, but I know deep down there is a passion for something, I also know that you are going to follow that and become something else, something extraordinary. You and Me, may not become the best in the world after doing this, but we can surely be the best version of ourselves, and yes, don’t forget we don’t want those ghosts around our death-bed. Lose yourself in the things you Love and get ready for a surprise……you’ll find YOURSELF.

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate

Life Positively Charged

Boy 25 years ago in a Mother’s womb – “I’m too excited to go out in Light there, maybe I’ll walk on my Legs and eat with my mouth, see with my Eyes and touch with my hands. There must be something interesting and something different outside. The world must be so beautiful. I feel so good, I’ll have an Amazing Life”.

The Same Boy today – “It’s so frustrating here. All my Hopes, my Plans, my Goals, my Dreams are shattered. I had a disastrous relationship too. I feel like shit, My Life sucks”.

The Life’s journey is not easy and there are so many elements that take you to these stations while travelling through your timeline. You always wanted to be somewhere else but then you are stuck. So what to do you do now? Start Fresh. Create a new version of yourself; POSITIVE. YOU deserve this chance. This true story can get you started.

Alfred_Nobel3Long back, there was this man reading newspaper in the morning and to his worst surprise finds himself in the obituary column. It is that section of the newspaper where notices of death are printed along with some biographical sketch of the deceased person. Of course, the news wasn’t true as he himself was reading the newspaper and not his ghost. The person was the inventor of Dynamite and so his news had words like “He was the merchant of death”. The person was very upset and disturbed with these words written for him because he never wanted to be remembered like this. Without wasting a second, he decided to change himself and started working for Peace. The name of this person was ALFRED NOBEL and today he is remembered by the priceless NOBEL PRIZE.

Now, it’s time for you to decide how exactly you want to be remembered.


Identify the reasons that make you feel like a Failure

Life Positively Charged (3)Your past has the biggest contribution to this feeling. It might be an event, a person or something else from the past that keeps imposing Negativity on You and make you feel like a failure. But you should never forget that there is a huge difference between ‘feeling like a failure’ and ‘being a failure’. And since it’s just a feeling, it’s likely to pass. So don’t give them any space in your Life as they have no or less importance and their existence should not matter at all. You also need space for brand new Attitude, Title and Responsibilities. So make some space now.

Getting rid of Negativity from your Life

Life Positively Charged (4)List down the moments when you felt the worst and then those when felt happy. Now identify who were the people in both the scenarios. Distance yourself from the people who never encourage you. There are many people who are consistently negative and thus make negative influences on you. It’s hard to live a positive life when such people are around.

Also, you need to stop running for the things which are of no use. You must have experienced this many times when travelling through your car or vehicle, the dogs at the roadside are waiting for you to come closer and they start chasing you. They keep running and barking until they overtake you or you go far ahead. But, what if they catch our vehicle, or if you stop the vehicle, they do nothing. Same is happening with many of us. We have no clue why are we chasing certain things. We need to have right goals to rightly feel happy.

Introduce Positivity to your Life

Life Positively Charged (5)The very first thing to do is to learn from the bad experiences. You also may find something good out of it, keep that and leave the rest. To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down. So find these through books, through talks or through something else. Be better and better with each passing day and start falling in love with yourself.

For me, positivity has always been coming through some different medium. It comes from helping others. I’ve always tried to build confidence in others and it has always helped me to build it for myself. I’m sure it will work for many.

Be Real and Practical


Life is not always the way ‘Law of Attraction’ describes. This may sound ‘not so positive’. But yes, it is true.  Life’s tough and we need to be up for it always. Positivity is not just talking good, visualizing good and expecting good. Positivity also includes ‘Planning for the failure’. You always need to be prepared. Because when you’re up for it, you doesn’t allow failure to surprise you. When it comes, you admit it, embrace it, own it, think about it, write about it, talk about it, work on it and, in the end, get rid of it. Remember, a Positive person never focuses on problems but yes, he always focuses on solutions. And to be prepared with solutions, he somewhere plans for the failure.

To be a POSITIVE or negative person is always an option. What choice are you going to make?

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate