How to become Blogging Rockstar

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How to become Blogging Rockstar

This post provides you with all the necessary information before starting a blog or before redesigning it. If done correctly, it starts behaving like an SEO tool and provides value to Personal Branding. Blogging is important to everybody. Students or Freshers can make use of it to get their Dream Job, Working Professionals can use blogging to generate Passive Income out of it, making use of their experience and knowledge, It can also be done by Entrepreneurs to do their product awareness to the target audience which can further generate better leads and give good conversions.

The investment required in terms of Money and Time is way too less as compared to what it used to be in the past. Blogging has to be done by keeping a Niche in the mind, the multi Niche blogs have bad SEO, reader base and Monetizing scope. So to start it brilliantly, it is important that you find your Niche at first. Once you find your Niche, you can research all the possible topics and start creating content on a suitable blogging platform.

All the necessary details are specified in this video by Sushant Kokate who is a Former Secretary at Western Maharashtra Placement Consortium and Trainer at Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps organized by several technical and management institutes in association with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. He is also the founder of Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing which provides Certification training in Digital Marketing and Personal Branding.


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