Best Personal Branding Tips to Boost your Career

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Best Personal Branding Tips to Boost your Career

Best Personal Branding Tips to Boost your Career

There’s a huge difference between doing a JOB and having a CAREER. Yes, you heard that right, JOB and CAREER are not the same things. A Job is something you do to have a monthly income to fulfill your financial needs, to raise your family. But it is not necessary that you will be finding satisfaction while doing it. No surprise, you hear many people say that they don’t have a job satisfaction. A career is something which provides us with that satisfaction, giving us happiness. So what’s there in Career which makes it so complete? It’s ‘PURPOSE’. The purpose is the element which is everything when it comes to a great Career. It provides you with the sense of clarity which is so damn important. Time flies away and we don’t want to be lost. It’s always better to know where exactly we need to go and where we are heading right now.


How to find your Purpose:

Let me tell you how I found it. I completed my Engineering and got a job as a Software Developer at National Informatics Centre. The place was pretty cool to work. Government Projects, Cool Team, Decent Salary, all the necessary elements required for a perfect start were there. But still, I was not feeling that enthusiasm to work. Sitting on a chair for 10 hours every day behind a Screen was not my cup of tea. I always wanted to get into the crowd, learn new things, and share knowledge. So I got my inner calling and I decided to become a Professor. I was totally loving it, going deep through the Engineering subjects and making them easy for my students. Taking energy from and throwing even more towards them. The management team of organization I always worked for believed that I should be taking higher responsibilities and promoted to higher ranks like Training and Placement Officer and Branding Officer. This happened at every organization I worked. I should be thanking my interpersonal skills for that. So, life was even more adventurous now, I was the bridge between the organization and industries. I was focussing on training my students and creating good career opportunities for them. But after few years, I again got this inner calling, I felt why should I focus on just one organization when I can reach out to so many of them and provide them these much-needed services. So I started my own training center and I started having a great great time. I now know the PURPOSE of my Life. I know why exactly I get out of my bed every morning. It is for the love of training, communicating, inspiring, and educating people to do their best in their Careers and their work. I want people to have great careers. I want people to have great experiences. I want people to be very successful. So I came up with my own Personal Branding Statement. It says – “To inspire and to educate people at their careers or their businesses to be successful by applying digital marketing strategies and personal branding techniques.” So this is my journey of discovering my Purpose.

So if you want to discover yours, I want you to answer these questions:

  1. Why you do what you do?
  2. Why do you wake up?
  3. What is your definition of a great day?
  4. If you feel that your answers do not align with your current job, then why don’t you do something else?

Finding answers to these questions will help you to find your Purpose. And your purpose will give you much-needed Clarity to move forward in your Career.


To make people see you as an interesting person, you need to have a story.  In my workshops and training programs, I ask people about their stories and many people just look completely blank. I want to tell you here everybody has a story. I have a story, you have a story, and we all have a story. And these stories are very cool.

So let me tell you how you can form your story. You must have had some good or bad educational experiences. You must have loved some of the things and hated other things. Just write down the things you loved. Now ask yourself this bunch of questions.

  1. How did you find your first job? Either you must have taken it by force or by choice.
  2. If you took it by choice then you must have been very clear about of Niche, so how did you find that?
  3. If you took your first job by force, then when did you discover your Niche?
  4. When you switched between Profiles or organizations how your experiences were?
  5. What did you like and what were the challenges?
  6. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

We all have answers to these questions, and when you sum up all the answers to these questions. You form a Story,  not just a story, but an Interesting Story. Go ahead, write it down and now tell it to the world.

But how would you say it? And to whom would you say it? Well, you have to do it on your Personal Website or maybe on LinkedIn or maybe on Quora or maybe on Facebook Page or maybe everywhere. Go do it!


A purpose gives us a great sense of Clarity which leads to a great Story. But the story you just wrote is textual. Let people see how it looks like. So your profile pictures should be very professional and should be a reflection of what you do. So make sure your Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, and all social sites have Professional Pictures which align with the story you just told. Don’t forget when you are in a bookstore, you pick a book by looking at its cover.


It would be unfortunate for someone with a Purposeful Career, great story and supercool pictures not be socially active. This is the high time to show your Passion to the world, only them one can take a competitive advantage. So go get yourself on your Personal Website, write your story in ‘About Me’ section, and make people download your resume, write about your projects, and post your pictures in galleries. Go build your LinkedIn profile, write your story in the description, write about your Skills, endorse them, ask people for recommendations, write about your work experiences, your certifications. Go write your story wherever you believe your target audience is. Get found to get big opportunities in Life.

So these were my Top 4 tips for you to boost your Career. I have a full list of these and if you would like to do it with me. Then I have a good news for you, I keep on doing many Personal Branding Workshops. Register yourself today. Click the link to register for this workshop: Register for Workshop

Personal Branding and Digital Marketing Training Workshop to Boost your Career - Sushant Kokate

Here’s the full list of things that we would be doing in this workshop.

  1. Importance of Personal Branding
  2. Today’s Career Shift
  3. Importance of Job Satisfaction
  4. Defining your Identity
  5. Basic Elements of Personal Branding
  6. Checking your Market Position
  7. Fighting your Fears
  8. Building your Story
  9. Building your Voice
  10. Building your Packaging
  11. Creating your Personal Branding Statement
  12. Self-Marketing Strategies
  13. Standing out as a Brand
  14. Controlling how people see You
  15. Using your Brand to create opportunities for You
  16. Building your Credibility
  17. Gaining Followers
  18. Increasing your Visibility
  19. Finding your USP
  20. Measuring your Success
  21. Researching your Target Audience
  22. Making your Target Audience to come to You
  23. Developing your Message
  24. Using Social Media to the Best
  25. How to make yourself Special
  26. Tracking your Competition
  27. Differentiating yourself from your Competitors
  28. Online and Offline Tips, Tools and Techniques for getting your Personal Brand into the World
  29. Drafting a solid action plan to realize your goals
  30. 5 Top Case Studies

Click the link to register for this workshop: Register for Workshop

Workshop details:

  • 9th June 2018, Saturday (4 pm to 8 pm) – Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing, Pune Satara Road Branch
  • 10th June 2018, Saturday (9 am to 1 pm) – Jaksh Institute of Digital Marketing, Magarpatta Branch

Fees – Rs. 2000

You can also watch my Video on ‘Personal Branding Tips’

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