Digital Marketing for Doctors

Digital Marketing for Doctors in Pune

Digital Marketing for Doctors in Pune Hello, Doctor’s! If you are reading this, I’m sure you are in a need

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Reinvent the ENTREPRENEUR within – Chapter 1

Normally, if we ask anybody to define an Entrepreneur, this is what they say, “it’s a person who creates a

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The Tide Story

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It’s not far away

I set my mind today, as I sense, It’s not far away! I see my Heroes being Victorious, Courageous, and

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Let your Sparks fly in the dark Sky

Let your Sparks fly in the dark Sky

 It’s darkness all around. People meet each other and ask “How are you?”. The responses are so negative, “I’m tired”,

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A place called Happiness

A Place called ‘HAPPINESS’

“God, Life is so cruel, hard bitch !” said 90% of the people after feeling stressed at the end of

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Do it with your PASSION or not at all

Imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed and through the window, you see the darkness creeping in slowly. The sun

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Life Positively Charged

Boy 25 years ago in a Mother’s womb – “I’m too excited to go out in Light there, maybe I’ll

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