Digital Marketing for Doctors in Pune

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Digital Marketing for Doctors in Pune

Digital Marketing for Doctors in Pune

Hello, Doctor’s!

If you are reading this, I’m sure you are in a need of SOMETHING that can get you tons of patients every month.


So let me tell you how Digital Marketing is going to do this for you.

According to Google, the growth of medical services in local searches is massive.

Your business depends on the local customers and they are searching for your services online, so the question is what kind of reputation does your business have in the search results?

It may be one of the following.

  1. Your business ranks in the local market and you are receiving all the phone calls. So the lead generation is excellent and you have great conversions.
  2. You rank lower in the results and receive very few calls, and fewer visits to your hospital. So the business is just doing fine and below your expectations.
  3. The brand presence of your Hospital and Medical Services is very poor and people making online searches discover nothing about your business. And this is SCARY.

So, what’s your answer, what’s your position in the market?

Also, are your competitors having better positions?

No matter where you stand, there’s always a scope to stand out and make the competition irrelevant. All businesses start with 0 likes and 0 followers.

We’ll help you. Just keep reading.

Digital Marketing for Doctors

Now, all you health professionals out there, embrace this modern way of marketing that will place you onto the level that you having been dreaming till date.

The benefits of going to digital marketing for doctors are immense.

With the arrival of Mobile phones, things have been on a whole different dimension.

So are you ready to modify your marketing strategies and place your profession to a high-profile level?

Well, why not, you can flood your customers doing that!

Let’s get through the benefits of digital marketing in India and how it can be a total life-altering thing!

Digital Marketing Workshop for Doctors

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Doctors

Local Market Rankings for Doctors

Local SEO is nothing but the skillful art of specifically targeting people in a particular location.

The search involved here is precise.

Local Search assists to link prospective patients with doctors executing medical health care and treatment.

It has also been reported by a survey that almost 88% of people searching for a particular kind of clinic/hospital on a mobile phone has a tendency to visit that particular clinic within a day without any delays.

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming popular in this present era whether running a restaurant or a health fitness Centre. It was reported in 2018, mobile devices eclipsed computers with regards to local searches.

A research conducted by Google revealed that around 50% of people who carry out a local search on their phones are quick to pay a visit to the clinic and 34% of customers who conducted their hunt on computers also made it a point to visit the clinics.

61% of customers who conducted their local search found it to be more concise.

It can prove wonders for medical practitioners

  1. Google Maps: They are a great tool which assists us in specifically locating a region. It can help patients develop a visual image of the clinic.
  2. Local Apps: They can play a massive role in discovering specific doctor practicing in a particular concentration like cardiologists, dentists, ENTC specialist.

To summarize, it is vital to be on local searches as your progress won’t be hindered. It is a sure shot victory assured.

Google Ads for Doctors

Google Ads for Doctors

It is an excellent platform to attract tons of patients.
You can establish your ads to only specific patients hailing in the specific definite location. Meaning, your marketing investment is only specifically targeted to relevant patients only.

Your revenue can be drastically improved as a large number of patients make use of the internet to gain some health tips.

The results you achieve are instant, unlike search engine optimization.

It enables all types of businesses to leverage search regarding keywords to produce ads on a search engine. It is a lucrative method of advertising.

Social Media Management for Doctors

Social Media Marketing for DoctorsWith the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, things have changed manifolds.

If social media is still not your thing, wake up!

It’s still not late.

Things have changed as patients now have a great opportunity to make an engagement with the doctors as well as patients to obtain any guidance or relevant advice on illness.

Social Media existence can simply do wonders. Thus, while doing so, make your posts interesting which will help you fetch millions of patients.

The content supplied to the patients, video regarding the information of the hospital, services provided should be excellent!

The patients should not run out due to uninspiring, vague or boring stuff provided! This will basically help prospective patients gain trust in you!  Strong Profile will win.

Video Marketing for Doctors

Video Marketing for DoctorsVideo is simply a prominent and outstanding tool to have a good interaction with patients.

It is an absorbing tool that will keep the patients interested in getting the service and not having any second thoughts about the health professionals or the clinic.

Getting to watch a physician in a video and explaining about certain disease condition will definitely place the patients in a comfortable zone.

It provides the notion that the patients have been in touch with the doctors pre-hand.

The overall effect can be inspiring and this won’t make the patients go for other services!

Why wait? Benefits of digital marketing for doctors is limitless.

SEO for Doctors

SEO for DoctorsMeaning try to create your content based on certain keywords that patients would try to hunt for.

Thus, an excellent analysis of keyword is vital for your hospital to grow.

You need to be on the lookout for the keywords used by your contestant.

This will assist in growing your traffic immensely.

Thus, produce content that is not only informative, interesting but takes keyword analysis seriously!

Work through Search engine optimization and build an amazing empire!

Want to seek advice on digital marketing exclusively for doctors?

Well, we are launching a workshop for the importance and benefits of digital marketing for doctors in India.

Email Marketing for Doctors

Email Marketing for DoctorsTry to keep a list of your patients and supply information that is relevant to them!

This will not loosen their interest.

Email Segmentation will work out excellently and provide them with content that is applicable to them.

By passing out an email with some good relevant health information will assist you in achieving a great number of patients!

Any current updates about your hospital, services could be sent too.

Thus, Digital Marketing is going to create wonders for your Business.


There are two ways for it.


Learn this Skill in our ‘Digital Marketing for Doctors Workshop’

Digital Marketing Workshop for Doctors

We’ll teach you, we’ll give you a Strategy and then you do it on your own.

Great news! We will soon be initiating a workshop for digital marketing restricted only to doctors.

Take advantage of it!

Do not miss this amazing opportunity and leverage your health care practice to the greatest level!

We will be offering some great information about different digital marketing strategies limited to doctors only!

Workshop Dates – 18th and 19th May 2019

Timings – 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Fees – Rs. 5000

Book your seats by clicking the link, Digital Marketing Workshop for Doctors.

Digital Marketing Workshop Syllabus

Local Market Ranking

We teach you this under the module ‘Local Search Engine Optimization’ aka Local SEO.

Google Ads

Learn to show ads of your Hospital / Clinic right where people search it i.e. on Google.

Facebook Business Page Creation and Optimization

Learn to create a Facebook Business Page and also know everything about the templates, tools, hacks to engage your customers.

Facebook Ads

There are plenty of types of Ads with a wide range of attributes to target the relevant audience on Facebook for your business. Learn everything about it.

Instagram Business Page Creation and Optimization

Learn to create an Instagram Business Account. Also, Learn how to look for the trending hashtags to reach to the potential customers. Learn some cool hacks to increase the followers.

Instagram Ads

Target people on Instagram to announce your events, offers, etc to drive all the traffic.

LinkedIn Business Page Creation and Optimization

Learn to create a LinkedIn Business Page. Learn to do the right branding on the world’s biggest professional network. Make an outstanding impression in the corporate world.

LinkedIn Ads

Target people on LinkedIn to announce your camps, events, etc.

Content Writing

All social media platforms allow different kinds of content. Learn to craft textual, image or video content aligned with the recent trends. Learn about some cool editing tools that would help you to design stuff on the go.

Email Marketing

Learn about Email Marketing and all the automation involved to stay in touch with your patients. Create emails with some stunning templates.

Video Marketing

Learn to create your Video Channel on YouTube and also learn to rank those videos in minimum time. Also, we’ll teach you to make Video Ads on YouTube.

About the Trainer – Sushant Kokate

  1. Former Secretary at Western Maharashtra Placement Consortium
  2. Corporate Trainer at several start-ups and mid-scale companies in Pune
  3. 2000+ Students trained so far
  4. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps at various Engineering and MBA colleges

Digital Marketing Workshop for Doctors


Let us manage your Online Presence through our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services for Doctors

If you don’t have any time to invest in learning or doing Digital Marketing for your Business, let us do it for you.

We are the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Pune and provide services to some of the TOP brands from Pune and outside.

Get the following services from us for incredible response.

  1. Local SEO Services
  2. Social Media Management Services
  3. SEO Services
  4. Content Writing Services

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