Do it with your PASSION or not at all

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Do it with your PASSION or not at all

pexels-photo (1)Imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed and through the window, you see the darkness creeping in slowly. The sun has already set. Suddenly you see a group of people standing around your bed. These are not strangers, you have met them before. These people are actually your versions at a certain stage of your Life. There is a 10 years old kid holding a bat, 20 years old-young boy with a guitar, 30 years old man with a mic, must be something to do with a stage show he always wanted to do, there’s a 40 years old man holding some bunch of handwritten papers, looks like some script of his unpublished book and an elderly person of 50 years old holding some tickets of few religious places he wanted to visit. These people look very upset and angry, they are in tears. They are here to complain you about their unfulfilled dream or passion. They hold you alone responsible for their shattered dreams and unsatisfying Life they had.

How does it feel guys? Scary, isn’t it? Cheer up! You’re not on your death-bed right now. But you have to do something for yourself, because in the end, you don’t want any ghosts gathering around you. And even if they gather, you want them to Smile at you and say “THANK YOU for the Wonderful Life”. What defines a Wonderful Life? For me, it’s simple, following your Passion and Living it.the countdown  There’s a Genius in all of us with some special kind of stuff or skill. This Genius do not want us to play small and settle for the Life which is less than what we are capable of. This Genius wants us to be ahead of our Game. Listen to this Genius, don’t ignore him. Nobody knows you better than him. He wants You to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION AND BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

This tale of Passion might get you Started just like it did to me.

The world forever has been believing that the recipe of Success is all about having huge money, top qualifications, and an absolutely risk-free environment. So, the government and war department brought up these things together to create the world’s first Airplane. the countdownAmerican Astronomer and Physicist, Samuel Pierpont Langley from Harvard was appointed for the project with equally qualified people in the team with a funding of 50,000 dollars. Remember, the true story is from the early nineteenth century, so it’s actually a lot of money. Nobody at that time knew enough about Aerodynamics, so a flying machine was hard to believe and the world was following this team who was set to create magic on earth. So, here we have a dream team with an entire recipe for Success in one of the biggest inventions.

MTI5OTYzNDY4NjcyNTI4MzU0Meanwhile somewhere, there were Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright. These brothers who once got a simple gift from their father when they were kids inspired them to change the history. It was simply a toy helicopter made of cork, bamboo, and paper, and powered by a rubber band. They were so involved in the toy that they often use to create new versions of it. They were grownups now with their incredible passion towards this Flying machine. They too were set to create the world’s first Airplane. These brothers had no money, no funding and were chasing their passion through the earnings of their bicycle shop. Their team had no graduates, even they themselves had no college degree. They never believed in the recipe of success defined by the world, all they had was their PASSION. They kept on experimenting, made large Kites, so large that they can carry a person, the person was actually getting a ride of almost 10 seconds. The engines they wanted to fit in their gliders were very big and they were not happy with these available engines from the market and thus decided to create their own engine with a light weight and reduced size. It was 14th December 1903 when Wilbur made his first experiment but could not keep the flight for longer in the air and ended in a crash. They finished repairing and were all set again. The funny part was that they usually do a toss to decide who is going to fly. The coin was flipped and it was Orville’s turn this time. It was on 17th December 1903, the Wright brothers had a machine to fly. In 1908, Wilbur flew one of their planes in front of royalty in Europe. In the same year, the rest of America discovered the airplane when a newspaper reporter witnessed a flight and wrote about it. Wright brothers were now everywhere. They had failed over and over again but what kept them going until they fly was their PASSION to fly.count down

Langley, however with full of resources was always ahead of Wrights but could never launch one successfully. Maybe he was not passionate enough, it’s tough to say but once Wright brothers took off he just gave up, he never thought of redesigning it, or upgrading their model.

the countdown (2)I don’t know what exactly is running through your mind at this moment, but I know deep down there is a passion for something, I also know that you are going to follow that and become something else, something extraordinary. You and Me, may not become the best in the world after doing this, but we can surely be the best version of ourselves, and yes, don’t forget we don’t want those ghosts around our death-bed. Lose yourself in the things you Love and get ready for a surprise……you’ll find YOURSELF.

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. Must say sushant ur following ur passion of writing n inspiring ppl…i m seeing the the better version of follwing dreams n chasing it …..results in every blog you write is more inspiring than earlier.

    1. Thank You, Prajakta! Everything we need is right here so keeping the heart open, learning the skill and sharing it with everyone. I’m happy that you are loving the blogs. 🙂

  2. very nice…actually it’s so hard to be passionate in this negative envirnment…and with negative people…bt ur blogs make me freash again…n….gives strength…..

    1. Thank You, Tejas! I feel the lightness and warmth coming through your words. Let’s be Passionate and share it with the world. 🙂

  3. It’s well articulated…

    The way u r writing has forced me to take as generic rule book 4 me.

    Blog posts r really down to earth & touching, it makes me to introspect everytime i read.

    Thanks!!! 4 the consistent guidance.

    1. You’re welcome Jagdish. I’m so glad that you are loving the blogs. I’m Just trying to focus on positive sides of ourselves. I’m happy to have a company of so many friends along the way. Thank You for the encouragement. 🙂

  4. Very Nice Article Sir. Must say hats-off for the initiative to make people believe and realize their passion and define the same. Its only effective utilization of the resource what we have is very important rather than looking for the people with great caliber,talent and experience will definitely turn around the things, which might not be 100% successful if those people are really nor passionate enough.

    ” Passion creates action which defines better reaction in-order to reach our destination”

    1. Thank You so much Sir. To achieve something, what one needs the most is PASSION, everything else comes later. You made some great points in the comment, Great Quote in the end! 🙂

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