Let your Sparks fly in the dark Sky

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Let your Sparks fly in the dark Sky

jaksh motivational blog  It’s darkness all around. People meet each other and ask “How are you?”. The responses are so negative, “I’m tired”, “Don’t ask!”, the responses that sound better say “Fine!”. And eventually, the negative energy is being transferred from one to another. What’s wrong with these big bunch of people. Are you happy with them? Or you yourself are one of them? We need the ones who would light up the room when they walk in. Their sparks fly high in the dark sky. Let’s be them!


jaksh motivational blogYour complaints are never working in your favor, they are rather going against you. Nobody on this earth is really interested in your problems, in fact, when you express them, nobody’s really listening to them with full attention. You are simply replaying your pain and feeling it again and again. You had an opportunity to divert yourself from it and take some constructive actions to make the situation better and feel good, but you chose to sit and feel your pain again and again and again. So stop complaining, it’s fetching you NOTHING. Complaining is a terrible waste of time and energy. Never forget that the things which hurt, INSTRUCT. So make this bad situation as an opportunity to start again and create something great out of it. Bad situations are not so Bad. They encourage us to make changes and take actions. They open new doors.  You certainly might have met a person who failed at school or college and went to make a great career or someone who lost his job and then went on to start a successful business.  So turn on your problems into opportunities.


jaksh motivational blogYes, you’ve got some problems but now when you are going to deal it more maturely and positively, you have to take a stand, you might also need to take a step backward in order to change your direction and head towards Greatness. People are ready to criticize and disapprove your decisions but don’t give up. You and only you know your fight. Keep fighting that one more round because you’re a ‘Champion’. When things go tough, you fight one more round. Success is not going to happen overnight, it’s going to take some time. Just hang in there. You can’t do fifty crunches one evening and expect six packs on the next morning. There’s something about these achievers, they commit and they stick to it and then they prove that they are worth thousands of people who only had the interest in that similar goal. Nobody really knows, how long it’s going to take and how many obstacles are going to come,  just let them come. You keep fighting that extra round.


jaksh motivational blogThoughts create words, words make beliefs, Beliefs reflect in Actions, Actions give the result. If your thoughts are negative, you are obviously going to speak negative, there won’t be a strong belief, weaker belief forces you for half-hearted approach and then it’s not going to give you any good results. So think POSITIVE and speak Positive to yourself. Keep telling Yourself to take one step at a time and to stay patient because it takes time. Keep checking with yourself about the commitment because the world is ready for some resistance and you do not want it to affect to your journey. You don’t have to know how exactly the goal needs to be achieved, but trust me, you’ll be better with every single step, it’s not necessary that you should be knowing everything in advance.


jaksh motivational blogRemember, Life is short. You’ve made your tragedy as an opportunity to start again. You’ve made an effort to build your self-esteem. Now you don’t want to give up at any cost. YOU REFUSE TO QUIT. You’ve just launched yourself and you’re never going to stop. Your Sparks are Flying High in the dark sky, Just don’t quit. And now when people ask you, “How are You?”, Reply with a smile, “I’m GREAT!”.

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. Bhaai, this is brilliant stuff !!
    Got a notification of your post in the morning and I knew, it’s going to be an inspiring Monday !! 😉
    Happy posting!!!

  2. Sir ji…wonderful writing.. Keep writing for us..we are there always at receiving end..such a matured thoughts at early age indicates that something big u r going to achieve in ur life..and u deserve it..waiting for next one

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