Let’s be our own Heroes

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Let’s be our own Heroes

It happens often when we feel low or find Life so damn difficult. We always have reasons and mostly we hold social influences responsible for all this.  But then, we know within that we do not want this, with the same low energy we slowly make a move and try to reach to our HERO. Because it’s our hero who would create some moral uplifting and make things better.

So basically, this Hero is someone who influences us the most, who takes our fears and gives us Hope, fosters some seeds of strength into us, someone whom we admire and wish to emulate. But the only question we have in our mind is, who is our Hero, and to be more precise, who is our current Hero? Yes, at every stage of Life our heroes are changing. At the age of Zero to Five, we had parents as our Heroes. Later, we entered the world of Television and for next few years, we had the cartoon characters as our Heroes.  We started watching movies and sports or read History and we picked our hero from those fields then. Later when we stepped into the twenties and started focusing more on our career and life, we found some of our close friends as our Heroes. And later in Life, when we wanted to do something Extraordinary we go find some mentor and made him as our Hero. The point is we keep changing our Heroes, if not all, many of us do. And why are we doing this? In my view, we change Heroes because our Heroes are not Perfect, we call them Hero only for their Heroic acts or Heroic work. And this means, if we do the Heroic work, we too can become Heroes.


 Having the mindset
marvels-hero-wallpaperNobody can be other’s hero before becoming his own first. Again, nothing to do with money, power, appearance etc but a lot to do with the mindset of Heroic imagination. We should have a belief that, yes we can do it. We need to be absolutely clear about our goals and there should be no inner conflicts on that. We have to give some time for our Dreams because we all deserve it.

Action Plan

be your own hero (2)We know our problems, we need to figure out the set of solutions and end up with the best solution. We have already waited for long and it was really frustrating. So, we are not going to wait anymore. Nobody else is going to do it for us, not even our Heroes. It is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to make the transformation in our Lives. So we need an Action Plan here. It’s such a beautiful thing, even when some of the greats are not here in this world anymore, we are able to get trained by them through thousand of resources like books, videos etc they left for us. It’s all about practicing the art day in and day out.

Falling Seven times, Standing Eight

be your own hero (3)To be Extraordinary, it’s always going to ask that Extra from the ordinary. We have to execute the Action Plan without giving up at any cost. That’s what our heroes did and that’s what is expected from us too. It  is hard but it is always worth it. We always have our Heroes to look at when we feel like giving up, so when we fall, we will make sure we fall on our back so that we can still look at our Hero and get up.

Preparing ourselves for the opportunities

be your own hero (4)When the ordinary person meets an opportunity and performs exceptionally well, maybe beyond what was expected from any human being, the Hero is born. That’s what our Heroes Sachin Tendulkar, Usain Bolt, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Roger Federer, Pele, Mother Teresa and many others have done or have been doing, they expanded our sense of possibilities for human beings. Virat Kohli can never become SACHIN TENDULKAR but he has already become VIRAT KOHLI. This universe has space for uncountable Heroes. Let’s occupy some. Let’s aim BIG. 

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !

This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. I loved the simplicity of language, free flow of the story, the opening and the inspirational end. This is the best article i have read in 2016.
    Touched me, inspired me….
    The countdown has just begun & I have already started.
    Cant wait for another one buddy. Good going.

    1. Thank You for the wonderful words Rajneesh. It means a lot to me. We all know that you’re walking your dream path and we are sure that you will make it at the top.

  2. Sorry..couldn’t call u that day…
    Will surely call u tonight.
    There is a Mega Event happening in Pune tomorrow evening, where a Simple couple started a new venture at the age of 57 and made it BIG Inspiring countless people in the process.

    A master in the Powers of Subconscious Mind and Relations, there’s a lot one can learn from these Heroes.

  3. nice one sir.. I just wanna add a quote of Steve Maraboli which I caught at the time of surffing.. 😉

    “If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.”
    ― Steve Maraboli

  4. Thanku sushant for inspiring each one of us.U have made a positive change in each of ur 50 followers. It actully ripples through the social fabric and comes to benefit many other ppl. This recognition that we are all connected and that in our connectedness we affect each other’s lives i think this is very fundamental and moving observation of our humanity.so keep on writing…#inspiration#belive#humanity#achivements

  5. Very well said, as usual; this is you everyone know. What I felt is you have pointed very good thing that is “to be your own hero”. Cause any other hero of your’s may fail you at any instance. If he fails you fails coz u try to reflect that person. So to be ua own hero is what I found good in it, since you’ll never fail uaself.

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