Let’s have an Awesome Life

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Let’s have an Awesome Life

It happens so often that our Soul tweets us “Dude, You’re not living the Life the way You want ! #behappy” and the most unfortunate thing is that it throws this in toughest situations. What do we do then, we feel bad for ourselves and then again move on with the same routine. But then how can we forget that we are given only the set number of days, the finite number of days and we really need to take advantage of those by doing what we really want to do. Yes, making money, making a family is really important but above this, one should really discover things that really close to the heart and they certainly need to be attended. One should really have an ‘AWESOME’ Life.

‘Awesome’ Life does not necessarily mean that you should be having One Million Rupees in your bank account, or having a Ferrari parked outside your door. It can be defined in millions of ways depending on the kind of person you are. It can be anything, running a Business, writing a book, playing instruments, anything. It’s all about YOU defining it for YOURSELF. So, then how can it be done. Here’s one road map.

Figuring out what you really love to do 

Choose the field you really love to work, by doing this, you would not just walk down your path but do  a Sprint rather. The vision gets clearer in mind when the energy is spent on the right goals. Rightly they say, “Stronger the desire, the more likely you’ll achieve your goals.”

Since the field is chosen by you, you got to perform exceptionally well. You got to be the best in business. Initially, it’s not going to be easy, the journey is long. Milestones need to be identified to make it on time.

There’s always this instinct telling you something while making any decision. You should never ignore it. Good or Bad, it’s right most of the times. Many students end up opting the wrong field of education under the pressure of their parents, somewhere they all know what’s right for them but just could not take a stand while taking admissions. It’s never too late really but just imagine those precious three, four or five years of graduation being spent in the field that you really love would create magic sooner. But again, you can start at any stage of your Life. So start!

Finding the Support 


To make sure you complete your journey towards your Dream, you always need to be surrounded with few good people. These are the people who support you and challenge you too. Remember these are not the ones who are your followers on Facebook or the ones who are friends of everybody. These people are those who can take your call even at three in the morning, the ones who are always there for you. Make your announcement and commitment to them about how you are going to approach towards your Dream. They will advise you, they will support you and most importantly they will make sure that you are continuing with it.

Keeping the distractions away 

To be able to achieve your goals, find places where you can sit and work and be super productive. Yes, changing work place helps. Also, keep yourself away from the ones who doubt your capabilities.

There’s this wonderful story I read a long time back where the two kids, one  7 years old and the other 10 years  were playing around a well which was far away from their village. Unknowingly the elder kid slipped off the edge and fell in the well. The little kid who was out was now damn scared and started screaming like hell for the help but there was nobody around. He realized that it was now only him who has to find the way. He quickly rushed towards the bucket and rope which was used to draw the water from the well and threw it inside. Once he saw his friend holding the bucket, he now started pulling it with his utmost strength. He was totally focused on saving his dear friend and kept on pulling until his friend was out of this well.  The kids were very happy after being united.  But now, just imagine these kids go and narrate this story to their friends or teachers, will anybody ever believe. Of course not, and they would rather say it’s IMPOSSIBLE because how can 7 years old bring this amount of strength to pull out a 10 years old from a deep well. So, how could this little kid make this IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE? Well, the answer is, he could do it only because there was nobody around him to tell him that he cannot do it.

So, it’s really important to stay away from the distractions and be with those who motivate you, inspire you.

Celebrating Life 

Meanwhile, when you keep attaining your milestones, never forget to reward yourself or to celebrate with those who supported. It does not have to be a big celebration, even a cup of coffee will do.  Take a short break and meet people. It will help you to relax mentally and would also add new people to your network. Life is all about wandering and wondering, be a lifelong learner. Never settle with basic knowledge of the field you Love, keep upgrading. Once this becomes your routine, Life would be Awesome. You would certainly achieve your Goals. And never ever forget that down the line, somewhere someone just like you may need you while starting with something, don’t hesitate to give back what you experienced and learned.

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. You have always been inspiring. Sometimes by your words and sometimes by actions. It really helps. Very few people do good for others. You are one of them. #proud #keepitup #goodjob

  2. Zordaar Sushant!
    I will highly recommend some Classics which you can go through if u haven’t done that yet!
    1) Magic of Thinking Big- Dr David Schwartz
    2) Think & Grow Rich
    These are just to Begin with..
    Will call u soon…

    1. Thank You big brother. Yes, I’ve gone through these. Those were truly inspiring and should be read by everyone.

    1. Thank You Ramiz. You are Infinite. Don’t stop ever ! You have got so much to achieve and I know you will.

  3. Wonderful and motivating blog.. Loved the story of 7years and 10years old boy..!! The blog supperbly defines like ..things to do before I die …!! Keep writting…

  4. Yeah kya ho gaya hai tujhe shadi ke baad , Pura writer ho gaya hai sale , Awesome article Sushant , For the first time in my life i read the whole article and was deeply involved in it and would definately like you to continue with your journey of Motivational articles.

    1. 😀 😀 😀 Thank You Sidhant. Actually, my wife really wanted me to write, so gave it a shot. I’m glad that you liked it. And yes, I will surely continue with it. Thank you brother.

  5. Nice one bro ….

    Waiting for article related to our Farmers … 🙂

    Please do visit a village and take an experience of day to day life of farmers .

    1. Sure man Yogesh. It’s at my home. Don’t even need to go to the village for that. Thank You for going through. Will surely come up with it some day.

    1. ‘Finding the Support’ was written by keeping you in mind. Thank you brother for being there always. Long way to go.

  6. Its amazing sir!! massive!!
    The way you describe ‘Awesome life’ in lucid manner is completely inspirational.
    Looking forward to read more from you.
    Keep writing and motivating us.
    All the best!!

  7. very nice SIR….
    keep it on…..
    it takes me great pleasure to tell u that first time in my life i also read the whole article and was deeply involved in it like one of your friend said above….
    Do keep pushing US through your motivational words further……

  8. Very nice…. sir,awesome blog.. I remembered those collage days where u..Taught us about the life.. .. keep writing.. sir.. u r the “#GuRu”of inspiration..

    1. Yes Sagar, those were really amazing days where we all together worked on something productive. Thank You for your lovely words.

  9. That’s great !! Really inspiring ..and i must say you are a very good writer. Is there anything which you cant do sushant .? keep writing..☺

  10. Sushant sir.. really you born for the people who are in cross roads. Excellent narration with the beautiful title.

  11. The way u elaborate concept of (awesome) life was gr8.. W8ing for more such kind of inspirational blogs.. keep writing.. (y)

  12. You can definitely see your expertise in the article you write.The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who ar;21#8n&7et afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

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