Life Positively Charged

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Life Positively Charged

Boy 25 years ago in a Mother’s womb – “I’m too excited to go out in Light there, maybe I’ll walk on my Legs and eat with my mouth, see with my Eyes and touch with my hands. There must be something interesting and something different outside. The world must be so beautiful. I feel so good, I’ll have an Amazing Life”.

The Same Boy today – “It’s so frustrating here. All my Hopes, my Plans, my Goals, my Dreams are shattered. I had a disastrous relationship too. I feel like shit, My Life sucks”.

The Life’s journey is not easy and there are so many elements that take you to these stations while travelling through your timeline. You always wanted to be somewhere else but then you are stuck. So what to do you do now? Start Fresh. Create a new version of yourself; POSITIVE. YOU deserve this chance. This true story can get you started.

Alfred_Nobel3Long back, there was this man reading newspaper in the morning and to his worst surprise finds himself in the obituary column. It is that section of the newspaper where notices of death are printed along with some biographical sketch of the deceased person. Of course, the news wasn’t true as he himself was reading the newspaper and not his ghost. The person was the inventor of Dynamite and so his news had words like “He was the merchant of death”. The person was very upset and disturbed with these words written for him because he never wanted to be remembered like this. Without wasting a second, he decided to change himself and started working for Peace. The name of this person was ALFRED NOBEL and today he is remembered by the priceless NOBEL PRIZE.

Now, it’s time for you to decide how exactly you want to be remembered.


Identify the reasons that make you feel like a Failure

Life Positively Charged (3)Your past has the biggest contribution to this feeling. It might be an event, a person or something else from the past that keeps imposing Negativity on You and make you feel like a failure. But you should never forget that there is a huge difference between ‘feeling like a failure’ and ‘being a failure’. And since it’s just a feeling, it’s likely to pass. So don’t give them any space in your Life as they have no or less importance and their existence should not matter at all. You also need space for brand new Attitude, Title and Responsibilities. So make some space now.

Getting rid of Negativity from your Life

Life Positively Charged (4)List down the moments when you felt the worst and then those when felt happy. Now identify who were the people in both the scenarios. Distance yourself from the people who never encourage you. There are many people who are consistently negative and thus make negative influences on you. It’s hard to live a positive life when such people are around.

Also, you need to stop running for the things which are of no use. You must have experienced this many times when travelling through your car or vehicle, the dogs at the roadside are waiting for you to come closer and they start chasing you. They keep running and barking until they overtake you or you go far ahead. But, what if they catch our vehicle, or if you stop the vehicle, they do nothing. Same is happening with many of us. We have no clue why are we chasing certain things. We need to have right goals to rightly feel happy.

Introduce Positivity to your Life

Life Positively Charged (5)The very first thing to do is to learn from the bad experiences. You also may find something good out of it, keep that and leave the rest. To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down. So find these through books, through talks or through something else. Be better and better with each passing day and start falling in love with yourself.

For me, positivity has always been coming through some different medium. It comes from helping others. I’ve always tried to build confidence in others and it has always helped me to build it for myself. I’m sure it will work for many.

Be Real and Practical


Life is not always the way ‘Law of Attraction’ describes. This may sound ‘not so positive’. But yes, it is true. Β Life’s tough and we need to be up for it always. Positivity is not just talking good, visualizing good and expecting good. Positivity also includes ‘Planning for the failure’. You always need to be prepared. Because when you’re up for it, you doesn’t allow failure to surprise you. When it comes, you admit it, embrace it, own it, think about it, write about it, talk about it, work on it and, in the end, get rid of it. Remember, a Positive person never focuses on problems but yes, he always focuses on solutions. And to be prepared with solutions, he somewhere plans for the failure.

To be a POSITIVE or negative person is always an option. What choice are you going to make?

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. You not only write about positivity so vibrant .. it is actully d positive vibes that you send to everyone wid ur presence make many impossible things to happening wid ur positive charge..thanku for building a positive version of me since we met.

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely compliments and unending support. Let’s choose Positivity, Let’s choose Happiness. πŸ™‚

  2. All are screwed with positivity as well as negativity too… but very few think on it…your article leads to the reader to think on these things…really good one for those who are demoralised in their life…. thanks for the writing.

    1. Thank You Amir. I like the way you are approaching your Life, I’m sure you’ll never get screwed with anything. Keep going.

  3. Very nice sir. Really motivating and mind changing one. As prajakta said, we really feel positive when you are around and guiding.

  4. # I Need to work on this ” POSITIVE ”
    # badly require this …:-)
    # well written siR…
    # keep PostinG to keep US motiVated …

  5. Its not just a blog post about positivity it is actual positive frequency sent by you sir….for all of is starting of positive countdown…Good luck sir..

    1. Let Go Ramiz. You are in charge of how you feel, so stand tall and choose Positivity, choose Happiness. Be AWESOME. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,Sushant!
    Very well written,very inspiring. U have very bright future and also u have capacity to enlightened others too ,all the best ,keep writing. May God bless you !

    1. Thank You Mami, You are an inspiration to many. Thank You for your wonderful comments, Keep me going. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m stumped the way ur highlighting simple n ignored things by massess…

    Your blog will ve exponentially contributing 4 building happiness index of humanity…

    Eagerly waiting for upcoming posts…

    Best luck…

  8. Your blog charged me with positive energy to get success and to face failure.
    I wish you all the best for up coming articles.

  9. Another good one.. (y)
    They say what you emit gets reflected to you, as universe is constant. Keep emitting Positive vibes and get it back to you, thts the equation to be followed.

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