A Place called ‘HAPPINESS’

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A Place called ‘HAPPINESS’

pexels-photo-9816-large“God, Life is so cruel, hard bitch !” said 90% of the people after feeling stressed at the end of their day. These people have faced lots of destructive criticism from their abusive bosses and irritating colleagues. This stress is making them really weak and hopeless. What about the other 10%? Did I tell you that they too are stressed? Yes they are, this stress is called as Eustress and they got this in the process of pushing themselves in order to exceed their limits and in taking the risks that help them expand their spheres. Even the dictionary defines it so amazingly, it says “Eustress means beneficial stress, Eu means good”. Well, these Eustressed people too said something after returning home, they said “What a Wonderful World!”

photo-1440660405495-b26acc5309a2So, what’s the secret of these 10% people? I guess, they are on a mission, “Less Proving, MORE LIVING“. Why do they Prove Less? Because they are in Love with something and that tells them who they are and so they bloody don’t care what the world says about them. They trust themselves and are busy creating the kind of self that they will be happy to live with all their Lives. Want to know where they live? They live in a place called HAPPINESS.


rucola-young-argula-sproutusDECIDE what you want in Life. If you’ve failed at something, never mind. Start again. What do a farmer do if a crop isn’t growing, he doesn’t waste water and fertilizer, neither he stops farming after the disappointment. He just yanks it out and plants a whole new kind of crop.

BELIEVE, June is the new January. Don’t wait for January 1, 2017, to make a move. Find your Inspiration, that what has been Pulling you, FOLLOW THE PULL. As long as you feel inspired, your Life is being well spent. Heal the Confusion, Don’t plan the hard goals, just focus on the necessary goals. Remember, there are Dreams & then there are Core Desired Dreams. Stop trying for those ‘just dreams’. NO STRIVING!  You want to be whole, you got to make some space.

pexels-photo-largeACT, There’s no difference between a Pessimist who says, “It’s of no use, just don’t bother to doing anything” and an optimist who says, “Don’t bother doing anything, everything’s going to be fine”.  In both cases, nothing’s going to happen. So, stop over thinking and stop over planning, just start working. Don’t bother fixing your weaknesses, just Emphasize on your Strengths. Decide to go full on and be one of those people who pull it off.

legs-window-car-dirt-road-51397NEVER STOP, and stay focused. Know the root cause of your Dream, why you want it so badly. Feel your Hunger every now and then and keep searching for the road that takes you there. What guides your ship is your true intention to make it to this place. Choose a journey that would feel good to travel.  After all, you know it, You belong to this place called, ‘HAPPINESS’.happy

The COUNTDOWN has just begun…..Get Started !
This post was written by : Sushant Kokate


  1. “June is the new January” 😀 (y)
    very nice each post of your’s have essence of you. Keep it going, as there very are who are getting INSPIRED.

    1. Thank You so much brother. Your lovely comments on all blogs made my day. 🙂
      And Happy New Year! 😉

    1. Abhijeet Sir, Thank You so much for the appreciation. LATEST one, ‘Let your Sparks fly in the Sky’ has been posted. Do read and let me know how you review. 🙂

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