The Tide Story

Posted by sushant |16 Apr 17 | 3 comments

The Tide Story

Hey Friends, we are already in the fourth month of 2017 and we can find many people busy trolling each other for failing badly at their New Year resolutions.

So here I’m sharing a short story which inspired me to start fresh, which helped me a lot when I was stuck. I made a lot of changes in my Life in last 4 months,¬†started my own Business, focused on my strengths, kept myself busy at learning new Skills. I learned from this, that the journey is not so much about becoming anything but in fact¬†unbecoming everything that is not really me. I’m still learning from it and trying to be someone who I’m meant to be in the first place. Well, the results are showing too, I tripled my income, started making new friends, wanting to spend more time with my old friends, got close to my family, publishing my first book in a couple of months, started getting plenty of speaking assignments. In short, This made me a better human being. In the end, this is what counts, isn’t it? No doubt, why we equally love Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni when we also have Sachin and Virat. They are men with values.

So, if you’re stuck, I request you to listen to this story. If this helps, I’ll be the happiest person. This will take only 7 minutes but I’m sure will make your day.

The Countdown has just begun, get Started!


  1. Simply Superb Man….The Man from Story was lucky to have Friend like Doctor who gave him proper prescription and Here you are the one who is playing role of Doctor for friends like us. Keep doing it, everyone needs it at one or another point of time.

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